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This is the first and only coaching education that has the goal to develop authenticity. You and your clients will experience a rapid development towards the unique and authentic personality 

The need for more authenticity is rising and so is the demand for teachers and coaches who can assist in becoming more authentic in our dealings. Are you ready to pass on the secret to a more authentic and happier life? Read more about our newest education to become an authenticity coach!

Valk Leadership offers with this education, practical tools and knowledge to reprogram our brain towards a transformation, a transformation into your authentic self. By becoming more conscious about habits, behaviors, thought-patters and beliefs that don’t fit your authentic-self, you can reprogram your brain. 

 This reprogramming has a double focus:  

  • Remove the behavior that doesn’t fit you 
  • Enhance the behavior that does fit your authentic self  

This transformation happens in a state of high consciousness and is highly effective because we use concepts from quantum physics and neuroscience.

Goal of the training

In the first part of the education ‘authenticity coach’ you’ll realize a swift expansion of your consciousness. Technically, the goal is to allow you to grow towards your authentic self by becoming more expert in utilizing your right brain hemisphere. Thus you’ll learn to implement the power of your brain to create consciously more happiness and excitement in your life.

This experience will have an unprecedented changing impact on you, which will make you want to share this knowledge with others to help them in their own journey to their authentic selves. You will coach your clients, colleagues and so on in such a way that they too become more and more themselves. You will teach them to remove actions and behaviors that no longer resonate with them, so that actions and behaviors that do resonate with their authentic selves will manifest.

Do you want to be part of the growing movement of individuals who are aware of the immense potential of their consciousness? Are you eager to harness this power and help others find their way back to themselves, so that you can contribute to a more beautiful world? If yes, then this training is for you! 

When you have successfully completed the Authenticity Coach Training, you will have knowledge and skills about: 

  • the law of attraction;  
  • Functions of the brain;
  • Quantum physics;
  • Sustainably changing stubborn habits;
  • Manifesting a purposeful life or work;
  • Utilizing your emotions for good;
  • How to motivate and engage people;
  • How to get your client into their authentic-self.

After successfully completing the training: the training is completed with a license ‘authenticity coach’. You are then authorized to apply the approach independently both in execution and in your marketing and sales.

  • Become a licensed professional authenticity coach in 4 months
  • Based on (neuro)science, quantum physics and Eastern spirituality
  • Taught by Guido de Valk, physician, author and spiritual teacher
  • 8 half-day online education and 5 individual coaching sessions with Guido de Valk
  • Supported by online Valk Leadership learning platform
  • Guaranteed to boost your purpose
  • Payment in installments possible

About Guido de Valk

Guido de Valk has had a strong interest in grounded spiritual development since childhood. He searches for answers that have real impact. As a physician, he immersed himself in (neuro)science, quantum physics and Eastern spirituality to create the Brain&Mind approach. This approach aims to restore our mindset to a more authentic and human state. Guido is also the author of several management books and the founder of Valk Leadership.

His life’s motto: “You create your own reality”.


The training ‘Authenticity coach’ costs €4.216 ex VAT or in 3 installments of €1.450 per month, ex. VAT.

The time investment for self-study is 2 hours per week.


Each month we start a new group.


Would you like more information about the training or would you like to register? Click on “Request information” and we will contact you as soon as possible. Would you like to ask us a question via WhatsApp? You can do that via +31628446755

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  • Are a coach, trainer, coaching manager or purposeful entrepreneur;
  • Are willing to invest in yourself for the long term;
  • Desire to work from your own authenticity;
  • Find it important to make the world more beautiful;
  • Are someone who is engaged with spirituality in an earthly way:
  • Want to achieve great results with your clients.


People are generally guided by their acquired-self. The acquired-self is the self you have become over the years. This self is primarily found in your brain, less so in your heart. With your acquired-self, your brain is in charge. You can also let yourself be guided by your authentic-self. The authentic-self is the self that you actually are and represents your deepest passion. And which you will become more and more with this training. This self is an experience. You think you are your acquired-self and you experience that you are your authentic-self.

The purpose of authenticity coaching

The purpose of authenticity coaching is that the coachee has less and less his acquired-self first, and more and more his authentic-self leading. The coachee becomes more and more his real self. Authenticity coaching is the process of connecting with your true self.

Both selves

Both selves are in the brain. However, the brain was never designed to be led by reason but to be led by heart. Through this coaching, the acquired-self becomes the extension of the authentic-self to manifest as such. With many people it is just the opposite and now your acquired-self is in charge with the result that both halves of the brain no longer work together.
GROUP SESSIONS In the group sessions you will make theory and skills your own. The theory can also be found in the online learning environment of Valk Leadership. The following topics are covered in the group sessions
  • The why of authenticity
  • The two selves: acquired-self and authentic-self
  • The motivation mechanism of the brain or why do we change so hard?
  • What is consciousness?
  • The Brain&Mind approach
    • Quantum theory and consciousness
    • Neuroscience, especially focusing on neuroplasticity and mindset switch and the switch from left brain to right brain
  • The methods of authenticity coaching
    • changing your personality
    • unmasking acquired-self
    • being able to distinguish two selves
    • using emotions as messengers
    • dealing with fear
    • debunking beliefs
  • Growth of authentic self
    • how do you align with your authentic self?
    • how do you act from your authentic self?
    • clarify your intention
  • Application
    • include your environment
    • the core of self-love
  • The coach conversation on the basis of co-creation
Awesome! You can use authenticity coaching as a leader, writer, spouse, executive, entrepreneur or just as a human being. Authenticity coaching is not a marketing system to help you make money as a coach. Authenticity coaching realizes that you are the creator of your own life, you simply learn, through the core skills of authenticity coaching, how to be more and more yourself faster and bring people along with you in it.
There are many forms of coaching. What they all have in common is that the intent is the same. The purpose of any coaching program is to support the client and enable them to reach their full potential. To make their goals fit the purpose. Yet there is a big difference with authenticity coaching. We believe that most coaching provides learning new neural pathways in the left brain without realizing that the right brain must be activated first. This is also called trick or learning a skill. Or in other words, a lot of coaching is concerned with maintaining the reasoning, the thinking part of the brain. They do not address the deeper cause. Suppose you are a mango, but you think you are an apple. Many coaching programs make you learn to act like a mango but you still think you are an apple. In authenticity coaching, we focus on raising consciousness, and becoming more and more of yourself, that is, a mango.
THE REASON WHY AUTHENTICITY COACHING REALLY WORKS This coaching is scientifically based. The sciences on which this coaching is built are neuroscience and quantum physics.  


Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system), its functions and disorders. For coaching, we use the workings of the brain to quickly make the change toward authenticity. In everyone, the brain works the same way.  

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is a part of physics that deals with the behavior of very small particles. These particles are knowing energy, or our consciousness. Thus, according to quantum physics, our brain is not the producer of our consciousness. We are our consciousness. Your consciousness creates you.  


Consciousness consists of levels. Growing in consciousness is called ascension (awakening). As your consciousness expands, the authentic-self becomes more and more visible. Therefore, growth of self-awareness is the essence of authenticity coaching, provided that it is combined with dismantling habits that do not fit you and building habits that fit your authentic-self. With knowledge of quantum physics we can accelerate the expansion of consciousness.

Brain&Mind Approach

Guido has translated these two sciences into the very practical Brain&Mind approach. In the Brain&Mind approach the development of your consciousness is central and you use your consciousness to train your brain. This is a loop. By becoming aware of the things that don't fit your authentic-self, you can train your brain to unlearn them. And by becoming aware of your authentic-self, you can train your brain to act and be more and more compliant with your authentic-self.  


With the Brain&Mind Approach you have an approach available that allows people to grow faster and truly in consciousness.
The coach's vision is to guide you to your authentic self. During the guiding process the movement arises that you are guided less and less by your acquired-self and more and more by your authentic-self. The core of this guiding is increasing sustainable self-awareness in good synergy with unlearning habits that do not fit and learning habits that do fit your authenticity. This guide consists of the following elements
  1. Explanation of the theory
  2. Mirroring the coachee
  3. Giving the coachee exercises to become more and more self-aware of the acquired-self and authentic-self
  4. Applying transformation techniques (from neuroscience and quantum physics) on the levels of actions, thinking, emotions and beliefs
  5. Using cocreative conversation skills
  6. Emotions as messengers are central to authenticity coaching
  7. Changing neural networks
  8. Apply Ascension/awakening methods.
An authenticity coach must be authentic himself, and an authenticity coach must have experienced firsthand what it is like to lose beliefs and let appropriate beliefs guide you. Appropriate beliefs are beliefs that fit your authentic-self. Why? Because authenticity is about experiencing and not about thinking or calculating. Hence Guido guides you to your authentic self and lets you experience and hold the depth of it.

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