Book | Brain & Mind Leadership

Book: Brain & Mind Leadership

Changing Behaviour is a matter of course


The book Brain & Mind Leadership helps managers immensely in mastering more people-centered leadership. People-centered leadership means putting people first and supporting them in their development.

The essence of the book is: learn to manage your brain with more awareness. A brain without self-reflection acts too easily from conditioning and emotions. By developing more awareness, you can train your brain to lead more from a conscious human connection.

In the book Brain&Mind leadership, Guido gives very practical tools to get intrinsically motivated to develop yourself. The book is about two types of traits:

  • traits that prevent you from putting people first
  • traits that help you to be a people-centered manager.

The so-called constraining properties and reinforcing properties of the brain. Guido emphasizes especially how to use the reinforcing properties of the brain. If you can turn on these reinforcing properties, the manager and the employee will develop automatically, consciously, and effortlessly.

The book is composed of four parts. The first two parts deal with the constraining properties and reinforcing properties of the brain. Applying this knowledge to leadership themes relevant to the present time can be read in the third chapter. The final chapter specifically addresses how to apply brain&mind leadership to teams.


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